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My dad and i completely took apart one of these this summer on the driveway, did a whole paint job in a nice blue too.

We have the briggs&stratton 18hp model. little older.

You have done an excellent job troubleshooting the issues!

i don’t blame you for just replacing parts, we felt like it, but it was fun to take it all apart too - the '''carburetor'''  is the main problem with these engines .

We watched some videos on you tube to lean about it.

Now that you have replaced the pump, the fuel line, and inspected the fuel tank, the only possible thing it could be is that the pump is not getting power or not ‘turning over’ properly - meaning many liquid pumps need to be 'primed' - sometimes even a small air bubble in the impeller will stop the whole show.

First what i would try is test that the fuel pump is working - as you said i believe you have, but its going to be 12v so maybe mock up a wire to it directly from the battery, and put the end of the fuel line in a gas tank, turn it on and off repeatedly, moving it around/upside down - and tapping it against the engine - try to make sure any air is out of it, you may experience it blasting out fuel all of a sudden so be careful.

one other suggestion, is search youtube for this:

"Craftsman riding lawn mower - aligning Valves to top "

We had to do this twice, the first time i did it wrong, and the second my dad showed me.

you will see a few videos about this, some better than others, HINT: use a pencil or something in the spark plug hole to know when the piston is at the ‘top dead center’ - also i would recommend getting for-real gap calipers, they’re like 5 bucks from Crappy-Tire here in Canada.

That will make your starting smooth as silk :)

If this helps, please report back.