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Original post by: Jake ,


My rift tore in the exact same place just by that U joint. I have been able to solder wires to the 3 wider copper strips but not to the 3 small ones. [br]


I am trying to figure out what is carried on the cable. The connector is 10 pin and there are 5 traces on the ribbon. It is possible there are just 2 pins per trace. The ribbon has 1 large trace at what i will call the bottom, 2 large traces in the middle very close together, and 3 very small traces at the top. I was able to power up the rift with it disassembled and found a voltage difference from the bottom trace to the one above it was a steady 20V and the upper middle trace is close in voltage to the bottom trace, as compared to both of the other lines. I was not able to measure the top 3 traces.

My best guess is that the bottom trace is ground the second is +20V and the third is data. Has anyone seen how these traces connect inside the band or found any more info on how they work? It seems strange that anything in the strap would be driven with 20V…