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If you have perfectly formed Ice which dumps in the tray when you press the reset button,  but otherwise nothing comes out?  It’s likely the IR sensors which check to see if the ice bucket is full may be bad.  The way you test it on my Samsung fridge (RF25HMEDB) is Press and hold the freezer and frigde  buttons on the panel.  They are the top two on the unit.  After 6 seconds the panel will flash all icons.  Then quickly press the lighting button which will put the panel in load condition display mode. The LCDs for the Tempature numbers will light up and each segment of the LCD  represents a sensor. The bottom horizontal segment on the 3rd digit display (or what would be the tens place on the Fridge temp) represents the Ice bucket status,  if the segment is flashing, the fridge thinks the bucket is full.  If its solid, it thinks the bucket is empty enough to keep filling.  Unfortunately there is not much on line about replacing the sensors other than the fact that it is possible and the IR Beam Break sensors can be bought for  between $3->$12 on Amazon