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Turns off when power is unplugged + Not charging


I have a MacBook Pro that is having some sort of power issue - i’m not sure if its battery or board.

Its an older computer so I had the battery replaced at a locate repair shop, the new battery was put in and Coconut Battery stated it has 98% of its capacity available. a week I noticed the computer can’t turn on, so I plugged it in to charge and it turned right on, the charge light went to orange and the battery indicator said 100% charged - so I unplugged it and the computer turned off immediately. I plugged the computer back in and it turned back on, so I started using it while plugged in; within 30 seconds the screen faded off and the light indicated it was asleep. This was odd, so I pressed the power button and it turned back on - It woke up right away,  only for it to sleep 30 seconds after.

I left the computer for a few hours to see if it will charge, and the indicator stays orange.

When I booted it, I checked coconut battery and it still says no battery fault, it reads the mAh that the battery has and it says the cycle count is at 7 currently (which is about right)

any help would be appreciated.


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Late 2011