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I have the same model of tablet.  My battery would not stay charged for more than 1 hr.  So I  did what most people do  I logged on to ebay and bought a new OEM Battery from overseas. It took a little more than a month to get to me. So I installed it thanks to the teardown help from Ifixit!!  And got the flashing bright and dim screen. So thinking it was maybe the charging port, My port was kind of sloopy. Ordered and replaced the port. Same issue, turns out I had a bad Battery.  So made contact with the vendor and he made it right. Install the battery and all was well so I thought.

Now after all that I have done. I have a  red X over the battery Icon. It still charges and yes I have the same OEM charging cable that is working as it should. checked it via my multi meter.   Hope I did not lead you down the wrong path to bad.

Happy Repairs too all and too all a good night!!  LOL