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I have the same problem, it was fixed after I bought a new battery, it was saying before I booted it up that the batter wasn’t working properly anymore, so when I got a new batter the problem was solved. This happens because of 4 reasons

#  Battery was physically damaged (like your computer fell or something)

#  Battery has reached it’s full potential and the lithium-ion has died, so it can’t be charge anymore

#  You keep your  computer plugged in when it doesn’t need to be charged so the battery overheats and after too much over heating the battery basically dies.

#  Your computer has been hacked or infected with a virus, and when the motherboard blocks connection with the battery it cannot receive power from it. I don’t know how hackers do it, but somehow they can block connection from your battery to the motherboard.

# The only other way you can get this fixed without replacing the batter is calling a technician and seeing what they think about the situation.
# Hope this helps. :)