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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: matthausrouse1999 ,


Start from unplugged naked PS4 on bed, I plug it in to the power cord from power outlet, plug into ps4, plug in HDMI and ethernet, turn the console on via the button, around 3 sconds after pressing the button it beeps then blue light will dim/flash/blink… 6/10 times ive done this its constantly  flashed and i class it as unresponsive, some of the time it will load up in safemode then roughly 20 seconds of running will ut off as if ive pulled the cable out the back. ive tried everything, tried banging it on my knee, tried taking it apart and fitting washers to it, tried heat putty etc ive tried everything but it seems compeltely dead. I beleive it is due to overheating but i beelive my ps4 is now comep;etly buggered. I have rebuilt the database and it worked, started running for about half hour then same thing happened just cuts off. Ive tried changing resolution and booting up that way, it bypasses the eternal blue light and starts up normally how ever when i select a game it instantly cuts off. I dontm know what else to try and Sony want £185 to do what ive done. Someone please help