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If only one window had failed I'd suspect that window's motor or regulator, but given all but one have failed, I'd guess it's a body electrical problem. I could see the driver's window being wired a bit differently because usually it doesn't respond to the "window lock" switch in my experience, but I'm not sure how it works on a Lexus GS.

How amenable are you to doing electrical troubleshooting? If you're not, you might want to find somewhere to take it. If you are, it would be nice if you could find some schematics. I don't know where to look for Lexus ones, but they may be available online. Ideally you'd get a copy of the factory service manual but that can run into the hundreds of dollars for some brands.

In any case, I can think of two possibilities:

# Maybe the window lock switch is just dirty, stuck, or bad. This would be great since probably all you'd have to deal with is the driver's side door panel. I don't know how this is wired up but you'd need to check the switch with a multimeter.
# Maybe the body control computer has some kind of fault. This would be bad because that module is probably pretty expensive and would probably have to be replaced, practically.

Sorry I don't have more detailed information!