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Hello fellow gamer girl/guy/other,

so you have a problem with your controller…it wont turn on right?

ok so there is a simple solution. You'll need a eyeglass repear kit, steady hands, 2 or more persons (depending on how you hold the controller, i had to have my step brother help me to hold the back) and a flashlight (depending on the brightness of your current setting).

step 1: grab the tiny screwdriver and flashlight. Shine the light on your controller (if you cannot see very well in your current setting) take out all the screws.

step 2: hold the back of the controller gently in your hand (if you cannot hold the back in one hand and the other hand to adjust the controller, you may need help…this is were the extra person comes in. Or you have a flat surface). Towards the top left 1 and 2 button, if you look in the middle you should see a really tiny rectangle. Push the little button and hold for 3 seconds. (This is the “reboot” button)

step 4: put the back of the controller back on and screw in the screws.

step 5 (optional): try playing a video game that requires all buttons to be pushed just to make sure no button is out of place. (Some good testing games are: minecraft, skyrim, gta5, assassins creed, and racing games.) you dont need to play the video game very long maybe about 5-10 minutes just to make sure you have a chance to push all the buttons.

hope this helps!