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In most cases, a screen ghost touching or clicking by itself is due to bad screen.[br]

On the other had, screen not responding to touch can be either bad screen  or failed logic board.[br]

To narrow down the issue to either/or, you should try and find a known good screen. Not necessarily new since new screens can be defective out of the box (or you can damage them while installing them).[br]

For example, try your two screens on a known working device to make sure they are ok, and/or try your own device with a screen known to be working fine on another device.[br]


If you still get touch failure with a known good screen, then the touch circuit on your iPhone 5S has failed it is not uncommon. We've fixed our share of those, and they are usually pretty straightforward if the technician is experienced with them. [br]

BUT, the iPhone 5S board repair may not be economical if you compare cost of repairing the board vs. cost of purchasing a used device in a working condition. So consider that as well.