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Bottom pentalobe screw spinning in hole


Hi guys,

I replaced the screen on an iPhone SE I acquired cheap but am experiencing some strange behaviour with ghost touches and missed inputs. To fix this I will try cleaning the contacts and or trying another display but on trying to open the device one pentalobe screw comes out fine but the other just spins in the hole at the bottom of the device. There is another question on here describing similar behaviour on an iPhone 4  but my experience differs as I am using the official screwdriver from my ifixit kit and the handle of my screw driver has not come loose with the shaft and screw remaining stationary as was suggested on that post and the screw head is in perfect condition with no stripping as was also mentioned in the other post. The screw spins perfectly just with no backing off.

I’m baffled guys i have tried the rubber band method even though the screw is not stripped and different screw drivers any help would be greatly appreciated.




iPhone SE