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Whoa! You've replaced the screen by yourself? If yes then you should probably see massive corrosion on motherboard.  If you've given this phone to service then they should deal with corrosion.

But first things first:

Your phone is probably a garbage. Hot water evaporates quickly and goes to every tiny space inside of practically anything. That's why it is good for cleaning. Water goes under electronic components and stays there if not evaporated properly.

Great work with jar of rice thou! It often helps for little moisture, and in your case it helped. Therefore with rice methodology there is never a hundred percent certainty that all moisture has been drained. Over time little of liquid on electronics causes an corrosion (metal+moisture+oxygen+temperature) which is deadly to circuit boards. It shortens connections of micro chips and grows exponentially over time. If you had your device unused then corrosion gone wild and probably damaged some circuits.

Therefore you should still give this one a chance. Get some isopropanol alcohol (99.9%) at first. A toothbrush would be also recommended. Dismount all possible components of the phone. Get some isopropyl alcohol on the toothbrush and give your motherboard a little brushie brushie. Give more attention on green shades of liquid corrosion on it. I would also recommended to put all of the components into this alcohol for 2-4 hours with a little mixing once for half hour. DO NOT APPLY ALCOHOL ON CAMERA LENSES (since they will melt as they are made of thin plastic). Then put your components on heater for a day to dry the isopropyl.

If there will be no results after those actions then some ICs are damaged. Reset it, log off from iTunes and sell as damaged. Or replace motherboard and 88% of other damaged element that don't give any signs of defects for now but probably will give in few months.