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This is a 10+ year old laptop which doesn’t support MacOS Sierra or newer. Even El Capitan is not necessary supported. Most likely you would be stuck to Lion or even perhaps a Snow Leopard if you are dealing with the first gen A1181.

You are getting no entry sign, as the laptop tries to boot into MacOS it is not supported on this machine.

Internet recovery was not a thing on these laptops, and only Late 2009/ Mid 2010 and newer support it. So no Cmd+R or any other recovery methods besides the physical installation media.

Your best bet is to get a  Snow Leopard Installation DVD, or a Lion Installation USB Stick (this one could be created from the working machine, but you must also obtain the installation image). Or use a Recovery DVDs that the laptop came with.

Then you can boot to installer, format the drive and do a fresh install of the OS X.