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After replace my laptop's fan there is high temperature and noise fan?


My Sony Vaio fit 15 laptop fan made a creak and went to Sony Service. They said we had to replace your fan and thermal paste. I agreed and they changed my fan and thermal paste. But after then my laptop fan works very noise that even laptop in lock screen fan never stop working. When laptop is being idle CPU, GPU and HDD temperature getting high. I use power saving mode that limited CPU frequency to 0.77 ghz but even that CPU temperature 55 degree celsius, GPU 50 degree and HDD temperature is 44 degree (my HDD up limit is 50 degree)[br]


I did stable test with Aida64 that give me 93 degree CPU temperature 88 degree GPU (when that reached to 88, system throttling).[br]


How to fix this? I'm gonna go to service again but probably they’ll blame me. What should I advise them?[br]


Thank you


Sony Vaio SVF15A16CXB