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How soon did you panic? The system restarted after what you thought was the finish point of the upgrade and noted this? And then you powered down your system right away?

If thats the case I fear you may have messed your self up!

Apple now upgrades the systems firmware for different issues. As an example if you where using Sierra beforehand then your system needed to do a file system update from HFS+ to APFS which does take a bit of time. The second is the systems firmware also needs an up date for the new file system to be recognized, and lastly Apple now stores malware and other nasties signatures as well here’s more [|About background updates in macOS Mojave]

So what to do?? At this point restart your system and let it be! Let’s see after a two to three hours if the system will recover its self, if it won’t then you’ll need to visit an Apple Store so they can use their magic to fix this.