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Why did my Black and Decker toaster stop working?


This is a 2 part question.  MY Black and Decker toaster stopped working. If I hold down the leaver, it WILL toast bread but the leaver will not stay down to toast the bread.  But 1st, something I’ve never seen before. On the bottom of the unit there are 4 screws, one of them, on first glance, LOOKS like a regular flat headed screw. BUT, on closer examination, that screw has a built in “bar” across the slot. This prohibits the screw from ever being unscrewed. Very, very strange. Incidentally, the repair guide for the Black and Decker toaster (on ifixit) says the unit has 4 Philip headed screws. That is wrong. It has 3 Philip headed screws and that bizarre looking screw.  Has anyone ever run across that weird screw ? Until I can figure out how to unscrew it, I can not proceed. Thanks for any input.


Black and Decker TR1278B