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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Dan Costello ,


I realize this is a fairly cold thread, but I just wanted to say thanks to the folks that posted such helpful answers and info here. Prior to seeing this, I read a few things saying the 2009 iMacs were basically doorstops if the graphics went out, but I’m glad I kept digging and found this thread.  I do indeed have the 661-5307 logic board, so I should be able to replace the 661-5308 graphics card… I have a new graphics card on the way and hope to get my iMac back on track soon.[br]

I guess my only questions, for anyone that reads this, would be:[br]

— any advice on the repair process? The iFixIt walkthrough in these comments looks pretty straight forward, and I’m comfortable w/ most repair procedures like this, but then I did kill a MacBook once trying to replace the hard drive…

— any other things I should look at replacing or upgrading while I have this thing opened up on the operating table? I already have a 1TB hard drive in here, and memory is maxed out… I can finally clean off the smudge from the inside of the display glass now too… ;-b[br]


Thanks again, Mac on my friends…[br]