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Flashing apple logo while charging


Ok so I am repairing my nephew’s iPhone 6 and when it is plugged into the charger it only flashes the apple logo for a few seconds and repeats this process over and over. It only does this with a wall adapter. Plugging it into the USB port on my computer doesn’t do anything at all.

I recently replaced the battery with a new one to see if maybe the battery was at fault and got the same results.  The only difference is this time when I get it to say plug into iTunes it cuts off after unplugging it from the wall adapter. After I replaced the old battery with the new one it stayed on for a few mins with the plug into iTunes screen but it cut off while iTunes was downloading the update and started the apple logo loop all over again.

Any clues as to what I can try to get it past this point? This all occurred when the old battery completely discharged when the screen shattered. So I replaced the screen also. TYIA


iPhone 6