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I’m surprised nobody mentioned this, camera and film have issues with cold, really. If your camera isn’t turning on or it does sometimes after many tries, then try getting your batteries warm, roll them in your hands, then put them back and turn it on. Listen to the camera with and without batteries in, if there’s some sounds with batteries in but it’s not turning on - then you might need to get new batteries, or you need to get them warmer. [br]

Also if your film is whiteish just put it in a warmer place, put them in your pocket or something and it will develop normally. [br]

I had issues with Instax Mini 25, it would take many tries for it to turn on sometimes or it wouldn’t turn on at all. Getting new batteries at first didn’t work either, but getting the new batteries warmer did! I tested it twice after the fact and it always worked like that. Try it!