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I had the same problem.

There are things you can do to prevent the rapid battery drainage (which you can research: how to prevent battery drainage) but you are probably going to need to do a battery replacement.

So I recently had my battery replaced at Apple Doctor and I noticed the battery kept draining quickly even  after the battery had been replaced. I called the technician that had worked on the phone and told him that the battery was still draining way too quickly he suggested that I let the phone drain to 0% and then put the phone on charge for 4 hours if it is still getting depleted too quickly then it is a problem on the main DV board and that can’t be fixed unfortunately. After I did that and did a hard reset the battery seems to be working fine again.

It is also worth mentioning that the technician also told me once your phone’s overall charge capacity drops below 80% your battery definitely needs to be replaced.

i’m no professional but I hope this helps.