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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Tania Crowley ,


This problem with the IPHONE 6/7/ & 8 designs & its a big problem. Has caused me a lot of stress to the point where I HATE Iphones. So we have the same problem with the home button. Cracked screen, but home button & ID function still working.  Took it to a repairer (as it turns out a non- approved APPLE repairer) - who took screen off,  then said the home button function wouldn’t work, so he didn’t replace with new screen or charge me anything BUT difference with me - when he put the original cracked screen back on the HOME BUTTON now NOT functioning but the ID function is still.  He said nothing he could do with it now, even if you replace the home button, it won’t work this is the way the Iphone 6/7/8 are set up, the metal device under the home button on the phone, reads the motherboard & is unique to the phone. In other words your home button is stuffed forever!!!  I took the phone to a different repairer to get a 2 opinion & he said the same, if you looked very closely at the little metal( or glass)  disc that the home button connects to, mine was scratched or cracked. So the original repairer saying he didn’t break it but my phone was in perfect working order beforehand, but now home button stuffed.  So i believe it is a hit & miss with this model & it has nothing to do with the screens. I spoke to an Apple consultant, who at first appeared to be really nice & helpful, as it turns out was an a-hole, really only protecting Apple & now recorded that they won’t help me AT ALL - because I took my phone to a non Apple approved repairer.  They may have considered replacing the phone for me otherwise. Which I think is absolute BS - now knowing there is clearly a known issue with the home button.  I’ve had the phone for 1 month & the home button will NEVER work & I’m stuck with this dud phone. I HATE APPLE devices, they’re greedy & conniving.  The original repairer has offered to replace the screen for free - but now I’m nervous what if the Touch ID stops working, the phone is completely useless then. I think its so unfair that Apple are saying  its not their problem now.  Devastated.  I don’t know what to do :(