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I dont own a motorbike. But, as a retired engineer who fixes senior’s electromechanical, plumbing and PC issues for free except parts, I agreed to look at a 2014 Harley Sportster Forty Eight that wouldn’t start for 69 year old female retiree. I downloaded a free SERVICE manual and studied the starting and charging systems. In the end, the OEM spec called for a 12AH, 225 CCA battery and the starting circuit spec draw was 200 CCA. I found that when battery was last replaced the auto parts place looked up a battery that had the right fitment so it was suggested as an option. Trouble is the rating was 12AH, 200 CCA max. It started the bike for a short period before it could no longer turn out the minimum 200 CCA called for by the spec since there was no 10% or so extra margin like the OEM spec. Replaced the battery with beefier 16.5 AH, 240 CCA rated one - better than the OEM spec yet still would fit. Once running, checked the charging circuit and the regulator was putting out an appropriate 14.5 VDC. Problem solved by replacing a misapplied battery. Labor = $0, new battery $104. Another win!