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I just wanted to add an update to this thread so that it may help others. I tried Mobilesentrix based on the above recommendations. On the whole, the parts were good. I was paying on average $50 to have it shipped to the UK and then pay an additional import duty each time. However, if you have issues or get faulty parts, and especially if you are not in the US, then you will find the company lacks principles in the extreme sense.

I initially thought it is my bad luck, and I got a bad agent, but I believe its a culture or a practice that is promoted. A very basic example. I received multiple faulty parts. I emailed to say its faulty, so they said “on email” they will send a pre-paid label. Later on, they decided to change their mind and said its too expensive, and if I could wait until I had more to return. This happened a few times.

This is designed to discourage or stop you from sending the faulty items back. I have the emails and screenshots. It is one of those things that some companies will do. It is such a shame that this is the culture that is encouraged because I tried it because of a referral. If other people are having similar experiences to me, then its probably also costing them more then the peanuts they are trying to save!

I kind of understand the culture, and it all made more send when I dug deeper into the company. I have tried to give a fair review. They have some good parts, and they could be great if they had some morals! It’s not to say I won’t use them. I have learnt the hard way, in business you have to deal with snakes and saints, but knowing helps you a little. I would use them cautiously, very cautiously, and I would advise anyone else to do the same.

Thank you.