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I’m using Iphone 6+. I can’t turn on even I hold the button of HOME and POWER ON/OFF for 30 seconds while it’s charging of course. Even I clean the chord or my iphone or holding buttons everywhere nothing works. But it really works 100% it needs HEAT. I put it in under my laptop when it overheats and then tadaa it opens. I don’t have hairblower, radiation something, don’t have a car, and worst I don’t want to put it in a microwave or stove just to heaten the back and the front of my Iphone 6+. But the problem is if I unplug the charger of my iphone and then it goes to back to the logo of One Red bar logo charging something like that. My battery was drained for 51% and needs to replace a new battery. I was really stupid for using my iphone while playing so don’t be stupid as me. But I’m telling you it really works it needs HEAT and if you want to fixed it instantly you just buy another new battery that’s all.