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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Antony Wilkinson ,


No audio from earphones


iPod 5th gen 30GB and iPod 6th gen 120GB. [br]


5th gen - I used to get sound out of one earphone and now I don’t get any, not even any static when inserting and removing jack - everything else appears to work fine.  [br]

6th gen is almost the same as it comes through one earphone but if I half remove the jack it comes through both earphones. [br]

Does anyone have any ideas what issue is on either model and possible fix? [br]


After reading similar  issues on the forum, I don’t know how to play from 30 pin and pressing on the bottom right doesn’t affect sound. I have tried 2 sets of earphones and a pair of headphones with no success.[br]


I am particularly interested in how it can play from one earphone but not the other.



iPod Classic