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While this is a couple years old, it’s still relevant.  I have a spare Patriot Blast 240gig SATA III SSD drive, that originally was going into an old Core2Duo MacBook Pro a couple years ago.  I got it all setup, probably with a slower external adapter, but then it would panic on boot once installed.  The speed was overwhelming the MBP, so maybe 10-30 seconds into the boot, it would die.  When searching, it turns out it was just much too much, and with SSD drive only lists SATA III.

Now a couple years later, I’m upgrading an old 24” iMac of the same era.  I am used to there being backward compatibility, but Dan points out that that’s not here unless specified.  And a WD HD that has auto sense was then used by Raven.  Without auto sense, or something in between to slow things down, SATA III is too much for a pre-SATA III system.  It’s like drinking from a straw, vs pouring the whole gatorade cooler over your head.

Too bad.  For mine, I’ll have to use it in an external device that can slow it down, or wait to put it into a machine that can handle it.  Thanks for the info!!!