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Hi @joeygrimes ,

How close to a window or a door are you going to be working?

If reasonably close drive a [|4' rebar - example only] into the ground (be aware of any buried gas, water mains or garden water reticulation pipes or underground power supplies), nearly all the way in (leave about 6” out of the ground) and clamp a suitably sized wire (insulated earth wire from a power cable perhaps) to it and run that in and attach it to the metal shelf support. Then attach the wrist strap and the mat to the shelf support.

There are purpose made earth stakes but these are very expensive in comparison but no doubt would last years longer as they are made from copper and not iron. Also after some time in the ground the iron rod will develop rust on its surface and this reduces the conductivity of the rod but for the short term, iron will suffice

Wet the ground or place the rod in a moist soil location and also place it in a location so that it is not a trip hazard. A garden bed outside a window would be good.

You can't take too many chances with ESD. A length of cable,  some clamps and the rod are cheap compared to replacing circuit boards