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Hello Myron,

it’s always happens. People buy a phone on ebay, put their screwdrivers in there, their dirty fingers, twist and drill and then sell it as "i look in the morning and it turned off and never turned on again". It is sad that you have come across a dishonest seller. I will try to help, but first question: do you have experience in microelectronics repair?

Firstly, you have to check nad measure main power rail, which is PP_VDD_Main.

Secondly, top layer is independent in this model, so you can power it, if you've made a clear with detached capacitors before - ( c2721 is on SOC_S1 line, that is a PMU buck line - important one - measure here too ).

Finally, plug DCPS, screen panel and prompt to boot by tweezers. Pay attention to what is happening with the power consumption and on the screen. If it's ok, go to the bottom (radio) part of the sandwich.

I hope I helped. As if what, write or email me.

* regards,