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I had the same problem, wrote it up in detail at

This is apparently common with the 47LW5600, 65LW6500, 55LW5700, 55LW5600, and 47LW5700, which share the same mainboard (EBT61438207 / EAX63969204).

These systems have a silver BGA chip living under a big heatsink called the XD Engine. Like a lot of BGA parts on consumer equipment (GPU, Xbox, etc), they eventually lose connection to the underlying board. A local shop would pull it off and reball it for $70. Lots of places on eBay also offer that service. So I thought I might try to reflow the chip.

* Remove the big heatsink. Use needle-nosed pliers on the tabs each of the 4 pins from bottom side of the board: gently squeeze the tabs and pull the pin from the top side of the board. They have springs on them.

Once the heatsink is off, you will see a silver chip with the LG XD logo on it.

* Lay a piece of aluminum foil on the board, but a hole to expose the chip. If you press the foil on the ship, it will make a convenient outline.
* Put a line of flux all around the edges of the chip.
* Clamp the board, level, exposing the top and bottom of the board.
* Set the heatgun to low.
* Heat the bottom of the board under the XD chip for one minute, constantly moving in a slow circle in the area.
* Heat the top of the board for 4 minutes, in circles around the XD chip through the foil hole, making a circle of a 1-2 inch radius, keeping the heat gun in motion. Expect smoke form the flux.
* After 4 minutes, let the board sit for an hour or so to settle down.
* Clean up excess flux.
* Reinstall the heatsink by pushing the pins through the heatsink and board. Add thermal compound if you like. I skipped it.
* Reinstall the board.

Worked for me.