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Wow. This thread is still going on. Well, latest news on my MBP late 2016, A1706.[br]

It suffered all sorts of items and 2 trips to Apple service center were quoted around $1k for logic board replacement. [br]

I tired all sorts of software related troubleshoot, to no vail. [br]


There is a 1% chance that my MBP can boot into MacOS where the touchbar was able to lit-up. This lead me to think it’s either a capacitor or chip that powers the touchbar failed.[br]

I bought a new touchbar however it failed to lit up.

This means the failed capacitor or chip is one attached on the logic board. Sent it to my local repair shop. They confirmed one of the chip, powering the touch bar was burnt. They quoted $200 for chip replacement.

I have sent my MBP in and it should be back in a couple of days. Will update again.[br]

Edward from Singapore.