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It will never work. I took the lcd LM171W02 (TL) (B2) off my C2Duo Build 10K459, and put the lcd LM171W02 (TT) (A1) from my isight G5 build 9L319 onto the intel unit AND.. after a short burst of the fans - it would not power on. I pulled the lcd cable from the socket - and the C2D powers up. I return the cable into the socket and the C2D fails to power up. I put the G5 lcd LM171W02 (A4) (M1) from my other isight G5 into the C2D and once again it fails to power up after the short burst of fans. The G5 lcd differ from the intel lcd in their pin-out and the type of signals they send. There is a workaround here if your keen. [] Take note that only LM171W02 (TL) (B1) and LM171W02 (TL) (B2) LG phillips brand seem to work on the intel models.