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I have done this several times with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4.  With this technique I am able to easily remove the display assembly without damaging the display or device.  I have not used an iOpener, but I have used a hair dryer and a heat gun.  Hair dryers do not work well because they do not heat quickly and thoroughly enough.  Heat guns work better than hair dryers, but require constant reheating as you work your way around the edges.  I like the oven because it heats uniformly all the material including the frame under the glass.  With this technique, I can remove the display assembly in about 1 to 2 minutes without breakage before the adhesive begins to re-harden.  When I first used this technique in 2018, I used a cookie rack and cookie sheets to protect the device from the direct heat of the oven’s heating elements and to ensure ambient heat to thoroughly heat all the material.  Since then I have made a ‘heat box’ out of an old Dell desktop.