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I have a 2017 15” Macbook Pro (don’t know if it’s A1707) with charging issues.  After the USB ports all went south (finally!) Apple agreed to replace the logic board.  Also replaced was the keyboard and battery.  With this refurbished computer, first I experienced the battery-not-charging issue even though it’s plugged in and running off the AC power.  Eventually, after fiddling around for circa 30 minutes, and the battery down below 90%, and still plugged in, it cured itself!  This seems to happen about once a week, with the Apple charger or one from Milpow.  Next when I plugged the power into the right-rear USB it boop-boop-booped … with power on-off-on-off-on… I unplugged and plugged into all three other USB ports, and they were fine.  This boop-boop-boop… condition freaked me out before and lead me to taking my Mac in for the eventual logic board replacement.  Now I’m freaking out again!