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OK, I've bought the toolkit since I was going to replace the logic board in my MBP A1150, until I saw a number of reports with similar problems to mine - random graphics freezes which don't apparently affect other functionality - which had been solved by cleaning 'goop' off the logic board.  So I'm going to take out the one I have and see what shape it's in before I buy a new logic board.  However, I was also wondering why the arctic silver paste was included in the kit.  The how-to for replacing a logic board doesn't refer to arctic silver paste, and I wondered if it was some kind of replacement glue for all those bits of tape one removes during the operation.  [An aside here: should I replace the tape bits, and if so, what kind of tape should I be looking for?)]

Now I know what arctic silver paste is for, thanks to Pollytintop, but not at which stage to use it.  Presumably after cleaning the board, but just where does the paste go?  Will I recognise the old arctic silver paste that I'm to replace?  It carries the heat away from the cpu to the heatsink, but there's an awful lot of circuitry in a cpu, and I don't want silver paste shorting any of that.

TIA for any answer anyone can give.