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There is a fuse to the circuit. It is a 402 SMD, 2A, 32V, fast acting and has a white dot on it. The 402 SMD are 1mm long and half that wide. If it is good it will have continuity. If it is bad there will be infinite resistance. That test would be preformed with the system off. The circuit carries between 14vdc and 27vdc, depending on where the brightness level is. The system must be on to measure voltage. You have to be very careful if/when you take voltage measurements to not allow your probes to touch anything other than what you mean them to or you can/will short out components. I soldered a sewing pin on each of a set of probes to do this kind of work. You can buy a set of special probes for this kind of work for around $60USD. I don't have your board. [|Click here,] for a picture of a board with the same circuit in it. The components may be placed differently on your board, but will look the same.