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Hello guys, i have a similar problem. :( I recently purchased Ibook G3 12" from Internet. When i first got it, it worked for about an hour and when i turned power off buton, and left it for about an half an hour on charger, i couldn't start it again. When i press power on button, i hear the chimes, but i don't see picture. Keyboard is responding, i can open CD case, and press Caps Lock an Num and see green lights on. Then, suddenly i managed to turn it on, after 100 times of trying, and i played some music, browse the internet etc :) When i turned it off, and tried to start it up again, there was the same problem again. :(( I managed to turn him on again after 100 times, and when i lifted it up so i can move it to another place, it froze and i had to restart it. The same problem appeared again. So, shortly, Ibook works, but i always spend about an hour trying to turn it on, and it's really booooooring to me :) Can anyone please give me some advice about what should i do? :)) Thanks for spending your time for reading my post :) Btw, i am from Serbia, so i can't send my Ibook to Apple Store in USA, or somewhere else :((