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Binky Melnik, here is my answer from a very similar question "first I'd like to say that this is not an easy job and does require some very good soldering skills as well as great tools. Hot-air station would be the best, but it can be done with a good soldering iron, a steady hands and some good magnifying light. In order to remove it,  disassemble the iPod completely by using one of [|these guides.]. Then you will have to de-solder the solder from the two anchors of the dock connector. best way to do that is by using braid or a solder sucker. After that you will have to de-solder each and everyone of the pins (30 of those) again, a solder sucker or braid will definitely be a must. Once you have it all de-soldered, clean it and replace the dock connector by soldering all the contacts and anchors. Make sure that you are very careful not to bridge the contacts with solder. Check this [|video] for what needs to be done and if you are up to the challenge. It is a 2md gen iPod but the same idea. the part is available at places [|like this]. If you are not sure if you want to do that job, there are commercial places available that will fix it for you for around $60-$80. The dock connector is available at places [|like this]and many more, I'm sure. Hope this helps, good luck.