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should iBook boot without internal optical drive?

the optical drive in my G4 iBook (12", 1.33GHz) ate a disc, was making odd noises when trying to eject it, and just would not eject it. not really caring about the drive, i decided to just get the disc out of it and leave the drive disconnected. after doing that and reassembling everything, the machine will not power up.

so either the machine needs to have the internal optical drive connected in order to power up, or i mucked up the blue/white power connectors to the logic board when dissassembling/reassembling the machine. (i fear the latter :-)

to my question: does the internal optical drive need to be connected in order for the machine to power-up?

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No - the optical drive does not need to be connected... pull the ribbon cable just to ensure no potential short... it is very easy to damage that blue white power connector.

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thanks. looks like i damaged the connector, then, so that'll be my next challenge.


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The iBook G4 12" and 14" should boot without an optical drive installed. They should also boot without an optical drive AND without a hard drive installed from an external FireWIre volume or NetBoot volume. If it is not booting from the hard drive or an external source after you extracted the optical drive, then you either damaged another component in the process or reinstalled another component or reconnected a cable incorrectly. If you haven't tried to boot from an external volume, try that. You should also make sure that the RAM is seated correctly and that the DC-in cable is connected to the underside of the logic board correctly.

All iBooks very much prone to logic board failure, especially the if the computer is handled incorrectly or roughly while disassembled. If that were the case, you computer would power on, but display no video on the screen f through the VGA port. If it doesn't power on, at a check the power connections. Do not cut any corners by leaving out what appear to be redundant screws. Screws do double-duty work in iBooks and the machine only coheres properly when they are all in the right location.

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