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Why won't my washer agitate?

My GE 15 cycle HD Super Capacity Plus Washer won't agitate during the wash cycle but it does spin during the spin cycle. The agitator itself spins freely when the washer is not being used and I know that it did not do this before this issue started. They want almost $100 just to have a service tech come out to diagnose the issue. I need to be able to fix this myself, but don't know where to start as the back of the washer can not be removed. Please help

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mary vasquez, do you have any other number on your washer? A model number would be great:) From the symptoms you describe, it is possibly a transmission, agitator shaft issue. I'd like to gt a closer look at your particular model to help out a bit more specific.


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The inside of the agitator--where the transmission shaft attaches--can become worn, and strip out the spline that allows the agitator to properly grip the shaft. Then the transmission shaft rotates back and forth as it should, but the agitator doesn't move properly. If this happens, you may need to replace the agitator and/or the transmission spline.

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Does the whole agitator need to be replaced

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