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5th generation of Toyota's modern full-size sedan.

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How do I change the front parking light bulbs?

Both front parking lights are blown. I can't change them without removing the parking light assemblies. Under the hood there is a white tab on each one with a small phillips screw. I removed those but the assemblies still won't come out. What are my next steps ?

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Mark, follow this:"

1 Open the hood on your Toyota Camry and locate the parking lights. They are on the outside of the headlights toward the front fender.

2 Remove the clip, if your year Camry has one, that protects the bulb ballast. Pull up on the clip to remove it.

3 Remove the electrical plug running to the bulb ballast. Squeeze the release tab on the electrical connector and pull the plug off.

4 Turn the bulb counterclockwise to unlock it and pull it out of the housing.

5 Install a new bulb. Installation is the reverse of removal." from here. There are more directions on here as well. Hope this helps, good luck.

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