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water damaged and the water is in the screen!

just dropped my ipod touch 2nd gen down the toilet and the water is in the screen! the second i took it out it the battery went dead. Iv put it face down on the dashboard of the car facing the sun. It is about 20 degrees in the car. will this work! write back asap please! thank you

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yasmina, no, it will not work. the first thing I strongly suggest is that you disassemble your iPod. Use these guides to work on it. After you have it disassembled, clean all the parts with high grade isopropyl alcohol (90%+ would be perfect). You can follow this guide for the cleaning. It will work for your iPod. After the cleaning replace the battery and re-evaluate for any damage. If you can't, or don't want to do this, the least you want to do, is to not try to start your iPod. It may make things worse. Place the iPod in a bowl full off uncooked rice and let the rice remove some of the water. this will not fix your iPod, but it will help. Hope this helps, good luck.

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