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Lit, white screen that won't turn off

Daughter dropped iPod, sent to me. Screen had slight darkened splotch on it so assumed bad LCD screen. Ordered and replaced it myself. Before closing iPod, tried playing song and it worked. As I then started to snap shut, screen went white. iPod still plays and syncs, iTunes sees iPod with some plugging and unplugging a few times. I restored iPod several times. Still nothing but lit bright white screen. Tried Resetting per instructions on many sites but no Apple logo comes up. Can't turn off device either. Tried many things but no luck. I assume HD is okay since syncs and plays music. I have another iPod and I can exchange parts with. Not sure where to start. Battery appears to be okay and charges as well. HELP!!

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Randy, start by replacing the LCD one more time. Check to make sure that the ribbon cable is properly inserted and that the latch makes good contact. The white screen means that Your backlight works, but you do not get any data. Also, you do want to make sure that your LCD is for the iPod video, not the classic.

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