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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Why would a "brand new" battery only last for 6 cycles?

I recently purchased a battery for my macbook pro that was sold and priced as new. Once I had it installed it would only charge intermittently and since I had wrung the rest of the hardware out already I decided to take a closer look at the "new" battery and something odd caught my eye. The bar code giving the S/N had been purposely vandalized so it could not be read. I contacted the company and was assured it was new and the wiped UPC was due to some story involving the supplier making sure no one but them got the batteries.... yeah okay. Now if I had gone to Apple, for only $10 more plus tax + shipping I would have received a brand new battery (with legible S/N I'm sure) that they install with a warranty twice as long as the 6 mod I was given. Fast forward 4 mos give or take and my discount oem new battery won't hold a charge and the cycle count is at 6. 6? That doesn't sound like new at all, in fact I feel like I have been defrauded by a company that most consider reputable. ANy ideas on what I should do next and what is thought of any responsibility I may have to my fellow man to do everything I can to make sure folks are aware? And do I need to worry about potential damage caused by this battery?

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Ok, all good advice but upon contact the company had a replacement sent out in a day and I now have it installed, but here's the thing. The a/c adapter is showing amber as if its charging, the system report says its charging, and coconut says its charging but the ^##$ thing is sitting on 4% and has for the last 2 hours so how can it be charging? It was plugged in so how did it even get to 4% in the first place when it arrived with 40%? I had to replace the keyboard and when the first battery acted up and the company I purchased the battery from balked at my accusation of something fishy I replaced the magsafe board as well, and I'm fairly certain it was new. Can this be some firmware issue due to it being disassembled for a time? I'm perplexed and quite frustrated. oh and just in case it helps The info from coconut is as follows:

Current Charge: 236 mAh

Max Charge: 5672

Current Cap: 5652

Design Cap: 5770

MacBook Pro 8,1

Age 10 mos

Loadcycles 0

Batt Temp 30.1 C


Contact the vendor and ask them... the onboard circuitry of the battery, or the battery cells are the problem... all other components are reporting functional. DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE THE BATTERY... you could burn out one of the working components.


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I agree take this battery out of you computer and put it some where were it won't hurt anyone or cause a fire if it decides to go off.

Other than the rubbed out S/N does it look like it was opened? If so they may have reused the case and logic of an original Apple battery with their own batteries. Which is the worry here, as the cells are likely not the same as what Apple had used. Apple uses custom batteries in most of their products these days to gain the most storage density possible. These cells often use higher charging currents than the less efficient cells they may have used. As such the replacement cells rupture and can catch fire from being over charged.

Call your credit card company ASAP that you used to pay for the battery! Time is very important here!

Depending on what they offer for protection they may stop payment and refund your money, but, may require proof you shipped the product back as well as documentation (pics of the batt and any written statements) the product was defective, broken or not what was claimed when you got it. In your case you could use fraud or defective as the reason.

Depending on your state you could also supply them a audio recording of any phone calls you had when they tried to flim-flam you. In some states this is not legal and could put you in the hot seat so be careful! Check with a lawyer before you do this.

A written transcript of your calls that you attest to what was stated might help if you can't supply them a recording as it was not legal for you to record or don't have it.

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Oh it looked open allright, but the company is reputable AFAIK, but the response I got from them as to why the SN# was rubbed out sounded like BS and made me question their practices. Plus I had replaced some major components so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.


Chari - Don't waste any more of your time or money on this. Get your money back from the vendor you got the battery from and if you think the repairs you had done or still may need to be done are do to the defective battery contact your state attorneys office to see what recourse you have to get them paid. Make sure to take good clear pictures of the battery and collect all of your documentations as the state may need to see your proof of this vendors bad practices.


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YES worry - lithium batteries can explode and catch fire. I have seen "new" Chinese batteries fail right out of the box. There's an old saying: "The tightwad often spends the most money".

My Dad summed it up this way "You get what you pay for, and pay for what you get". Add the total price of the "sale" battery to the price of an OEM replacement battery and you have your tuition for this course in the "school of hard knocks".

The problem with experience as a teacher is the test comes first, and the learning after.

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