Released in June of 2009, the 1005HA is identified by its "Seashell" design, and is available in many different varieties in regards to operating system, internal storage, and battery size.

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Hardware works image don't.

After a drop Net book stopped showing image in the screen. LCD dosen't seems to be broken but it dosen't show image, if I connected to external monitor there is no problem.

Thanks in advance fo the help.

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Diego, if the external monitor worked, it is time to open up your laptop. Check the cables going from the motherboard to the LCD, check the inverter for obvious damage. It is possible that the backlight got damaged, check with a flashlight angled against the screen and see if you make out any shadows etc. If your cables are properly seated, and your inverter is okay, I would consider changing the LCD. Follow these guides to work on your laptop.

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