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Damaged battery after lcd replacement?

Yesterday I put in a new LCD replacement for my iPhone 4s 32 gb. The screen works great and everything else works as well after reassembly.. HOWEVER. My battery started to drain very rapidly once I powered on the phone. The phone was also warmer then usual.

It seems the battery only charges when plugged in and powered OFF! If it is on and plugged in, the battery will drain but at a slower pace.

Do you think I damaged my battery? or shotty reassembly that could have caused this problem? I was thinking I would try and replace the battery as a first step of trouble shooting.

Thanks in advance for any help

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The first thing I would try is opening the phone and making sure that all of the connections are solid.

If all the connections inside the phone are still good, and you continue to have the same problem with the battery, then I'd recommend trying a new battery to see if that solves the problem. Good luck!

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Make sure you have the Ground that is connected to the battery plugin with a screw. i had the same problem forgot to put the ground back in and battery drained rapidly.

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