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Missing LCD repair walkthrough

My LCD of my MacBook Pro shows some lines and even whole areas as white as I touch the right part of my screen. As it acts normally (well almost, as those lines also appear sometimes when I open the lid) the rest of the time, I figured it can be fixed.

But I don't understand all those electronic parts that are to the left of the lcd that are in my opinion not fixed properly, so I was hoping I can get some help here.

Some links to see the problem:

As it is:

With the problem:

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From your description and photo there's a high possibility that the LCD panel electronic board might be bad. If the video is normal on an external monitor the problem could be related to two main parts: the video (LVDS) cable or the LCD panel. Habitually if the problem appears when applying pressure to the LCD display then the LCD panel is the culprit. In this situation I would first try a known working LVDS cable (or check the connections to the logic board and LCD panel) before replacing the LCD just in case cause there's also a possibility of a faulty cable.

1- connect the MBP to an external monitor to check the graphic card. Got to be sure the logic board is OK.

2- bring the MBP to an Apple Store and show the problem to a genius tech. They should have expertise to detect the faulty part.

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Hi, I have the same issue with my Macbook A1226.

Did you fix it ?


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