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Just started making noise like the rollers aren't working.

The noise and slight vibrations are coming from the back left side of the dryer. The machine has always been relatively quiet - no so anymore.

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Would you have a model number for this Maytag:-)?


Model # is LDE9304ACE.


Thanks, old turkey. Where are these rollers in relation to the rest of the machine, or, where can I find a schematic drawing of this machine that tells me where to start taking it apart (I assume the back panel would be removed first).


Take a look on here and check the "Maytag" paragraph. I added a step to the original answer:) hope this helps.


contact me by email if you need a service manual. My address is in my profile.


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Bruce Martin, check the support rollers (20) and make sure that they are properly aligned and that the bearing have not seized. That could cause noise as well as vibration.

Block Image

Block Image

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