A1151 - replacement lcd resolution issue - only displaying half.

Hi There,

I have a macbook pro 17" a1151 which i fitted a new LCD to a month or so back.

The LCD was just a cheap on i bought off ebay. and when originally fitted it was not displaying the correct resolution with only the left hand half of the screen displaying on the LCD.

At the time i booted the machine connected to an external monitor in order to test whether it was an LCD or graphics card issue. For some reason this caused the new LCD panel to adjust it's resolution.

It had been displaying fine up until a few days ago when it kept switching between the two states each time it was booted and now it is stuck as it was originally only displaying the the left hand side of the screen at a lower resolution stretched across the whole screen.

If it is unclear what i mean let me know and i'll post an image.

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This is the nearest thing i can find. however i'm not sure why the unit would have worked for a time if it was a standard res LCD in a hi res unit. http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/apple-n...


Assuming this issue is to do with the cheap LCD panel, is there anyway i can find out what model of LCD was originally fitted?


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