CPU Temp spike after SSD install

I put a Samsung SSD into my MBP yesterday. After doing so, my CPU temp spikes dramatically, hitting about 240F before shutting down. I thought it may have had to do with indexing the new drive, so I installed SMC to run the fans at full blast, then put it outside to see if it would get over the hump after indexing, but no dice.

I tried booting from the original hard drive via USB to see if that would help, but got the same result.

What should I be looking for, if anything, when I reopen the machine?

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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What happens when you take it out and if needed put you old HD back?


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In general you CPU temp shouldn't change unless a process is running. You could look at Activity Monitor to see what process is using up the CPU cycles.

It's possible you have a bad SSD or cable as well here.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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i'll fire it back and try to look at activity monitor before it shuts down. i haven't dropped the old HD back in yet to see if that stops the madness. thanks for the tips. i'll let you know if there's a resolution!


good call on the activity monitor. MDS and MDSWORKER were running at 100%+. i disabled indexing and we're back to reasonable numbers. thanks!!!


Happy you isolated down the cause. If your all set here can you score & mark the question as answered - Thanks!


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