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How can I remove a broken earphone plug in my iPod's jack?

There is a broken earphone plug stuck in my ipod. I've tried to get it out with super glue but it didn't work. I just want to know how I can take out that little piece of the broken plug.

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what iPod is it?


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cristian, you can try the following. This is an answer from a A headphone piece broke off into the input. in regards to broken of pieces in the jack.You can try and find something a little smaller than your head phone plug and hold your phone horizontal and use some crazy glue to glue it to the piece that is still attached. Make sure of course that you do not get any into the jack. You can also try to use some very small surgical tweezers if you still have enough to get a grip on. Otherwise you may have to replace the jack. Not knowing exactly what ipod you have this could be straight forward or a PITA. Sometimes and I just use this advise carefully, it works if you take a very small screw that is long enough and screw it into the jack.It might catch the broken part and then you can pull it out by the screw head. But be very careful with that since it can split your audio jack and/or break it off. Hope this helps, good Luck.

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thanks I'll try that and I have a a 4th generation ipod touch!


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